ALS for mining project in Greenland  
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Our key services relate to:- airborne laser scanning or ALS, laser scanning quality control, lidar survey accuracy, ground verification and validation, calibration, aerial mapping, remote sensing, laser survey, topographic maps and mapping, creation of DTM, DGM, DEM, digital terrain model, digital elevation model, DTM accuracy checking, altimetry, bathymetry, inertial navigation systems, INS, and GPS ground control.

Aerial surveys for mining
building surveys, coastal monitoring, transmission & distribution lines, complex plant, terrestrial laser scanning services
Airborne Laser Scanning coastlines for volumetric analysis, sections / profiles and mapping
LiDAR mapping of forest canopies and terrain mapping
Powerline corridor surveys, for thermal uprating, reduce vegetation related outages and topographic surveys for the routing of new lines
Aerial lidar and orthophoto surveys Airborne laser scanning
3D terrain modelling and mappingLidar surveyAerial lidar mappingLidar surveyAerial lidar surveys for transmission lines

Airborne LiDAR has many applications:
Pipeline, transmission line or highway and railway corridor surveys.

Urban environments - lidar data is often used for Telecommunications planning work.
Flood plain surveys - coastal or river, DEM's created from LiDAR can be used to model flooding events.
Forestry (mapping of tree canopies).
Archaeology, ability to penetrate tree canopies and vegetation even in densely foliated areas.
Seismic exploration - slope maps.
Coastal zone surveys - accessing inter-tidal zone, or difficult access areas. Providing data for erosion, sediment transport and sea defence studies.
Oil and Gas - infrastructure development planning and design (Roads, pipelines, plant, well site).


For service purchasers:
Contact us with details regarding the laser scanning survey that you require. We can provide or source lidar surveys for you based on an independent appraisal of your requirements. We also Provide independent quality control, confirming the accuracy of LiDAR data you may purchase from other providers. We can write the specifications for the laser scanning survey work and ensure they are adhered to.

For service providers:
If you provide laser scanning services, we can provide independent confirmation of your accuracies, & offer ground GPS control services - worldwide. LiDAR processing services include coordinate transformation services for both plan and height data. Also, we can process the LiDAR data to produce a variety of digital products, including: Digital Elevation Models, contour models, vector maps for showing water drainage & more...

            Laser scanning experts in data capture and presentation.
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