ALS for mining project in Greenland  
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LiDAR surveys are ideal for studying erosion / movement monitoring of coastal slopes. The combination of airborne LiDAR data and GIS technology facilitates the rapid production of geomorphological maps. LiDAR is ideal for studying fluvial features on floodplains. Digital Elevation Models (DEM's) can produced, which accurately represent landform surface variability and offer an important opportunity to measure and monitor morphological change and sediment transfer across a variety of spatial scales.

Aerial surveys for mining
building surveys, coastal monitoring, transmission & distribution lines, complex plant, terrestrial laser scanning services
Airborne Laser Scanning coastlines for volumetric analysis, sections / profiles and mapping
LiDAR mapping of forest canopies and terrain mapping
Powerline corridor surveys, for thermal uprating, reduce vegetation related outages and topographic surveys for the routing of new lines

Hover your cursor over the image (right), the first image shows the irregular X,Y,Z,I (intensity) and the second image shows the Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Check out our gallery to see the DEM with aerial photography overlaid.

DEM's are created by gridding LiDAR data. In gridded data, each cell is assigned a value based on surrounding elevation points. This gives the data a continuous distribution resulting in a smooth surface when displayed.

3D terrain modelling and mapping

For a project in Lyme Regis, we combined Terrestrial Laser scans of the beach with airborne LiDAR data. Using the airborne LiDAR, we were able to penetrate the foliage on the cliff in order to model the cliff face.

Products delivered included:
>Contour maps
>Volumetric analysis
>Sections (example shown left)
>Topographic survey drawing

We can process the LiDAR for analysis to best suit your requirements. For example, we can produce contour models, cross sections, maps coloured by elevation, reflectance, aspect etc...We can output the data in many formats for use in a variety of programs including AutoCAD or for use in a GIS. We can also analyse the data, for example by producing maps showing water flow directions and flood maps or by calculating volumes.
            Laser scanning experts in data capture and presentation.
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