ALS for mining project in Greenland  
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Surveying 240 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland presents many challenges, but Lidar provided a rapid and detailed survey to enable the design of a new open pit mine, plus access road to/from the camp/dock location, 600 below. We also own and operate a terrestrial laser scanner that can be deployed to scan the interior of mines and can deploy a remotely operated vehicle where access to the mine is difficult. If you would like to know more, then please click here.

Aerial surveys for mining
building surveys, coastal monitoring, transmission & distribution lines, complex plant, terrestrial laser scanning services
Airborne Laser Scanning coastlines for volumetric analysis, sections / profiles and mapping
LiDAR mapping of forest canopies and terrain mapping
Powerline corridor surveys, for thermal uprating, reduce vegetation related outages and topographic surveys for the routing of new lines

The video (right) shows Digital Elevation Model with aerial photography overlaid.

Difficult access to closed mine entrance. The aerial survey for the new open pit needed to be linked to the older undeground workings, where waste from the new pit would be placed.

Mine-entrance, Greenland
Aerial lidar and orthophoto surveys

Below: GPS base station from which trajectory of survey aircraft is computed.
GPS base station
Aerial lidar and orthophoto surveys
3D terrain modelling and mapping
Products for this job included LiDAR data, contour maps, imagery and digitised features plus ground surveyed boreholes locations.
            Laser scanning experts in data capture and presentation.
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