ALS for mining project in Greenland  
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LiDAR surveys for mapping of powerlines (transmission and distribution networks) have many advantages. The data is collected rapidly and can be used for many applications including: vegetation management, thermal uprating and identifying infringements. Merrett Surveys also own a ground based laser scanner which can be deployed to scan towers in higher resolution for the creation of highly accurate tower models.

Aerial surveys for mining
building surveys, coastal monitoring, transmission & distribution lines, complex plant, terrestrial laser scanning services
Airborne Laser Scanning coastlines for volumetric analysis, sections / profiles and mapping
LiDAR mapping of forest canopies and terrain mapping
Powerline corridor surveys, for thermal uprating, reduce vegetation related outages and topographic surveys for the routing of new lines

Vegetation management: we can identify the location of vegetation that breaches your minimum clearance requirements. We can show the precise location of any grow-in and falling trees. Rapid data delivery is provided as vegetation conditions can change quickly.

A 3D engineering model of the powerlines can be produced from the LiDAR data, this allows for thermal uprating studies.

Identifying and resolving clearance issues enables efficient asset utilization and enhanced safety. We also record weather data so that temperature, wind speed etc... can be taken into account in PLS-CADD when modelling the towers and cables

GPS control for airborne laser scanning, LiDAR ground control, measuring offsets on helicopter.
GPS ground control - for more information, click here...

Digital Elevation Model with aerial image overlay and PLS-CADD™ tower models. Dimensions can be derived from the orthorectified imagery.

Aerial lidar and orthophoto surveys

With our ground based scanner, we have the ability to identify bolt centers and measure the length of steel members without the need to climb the towers . Used in conjunction with traditional survey methods, powerline corridor surveys can be carried out on the ground for topographic mapping and identifying infringements. For more information on ground based scanning, click here.

            Laser scanning experts in data capture and presentation.
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